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Why Might You Want to Learn How to Query a Database?

July 12, 2017

Databases are everywhere today. They serve as the back ends of Web sites, and store the most critical information belonging to organizations of all sizes. The information held in an organization’s databases is often that organization’s most valuable asset. However, organizations can only take advantage of that value if people have the ability to retrieve the data they need.

Generally, when a new database is installed, application programs are written that are designed to answer specific questions. As time goes on, it becomes clear that the data in the database could be used in ways not envisioned when it was first put into operation. Existing applications do not address these possible new uses. Changing or completely rewriting application programs calls for skilled programmers, and is almost always a lengthy process.

To answer a question that has recently arisen, it makes much more sense to get the answer right away by writing an SQL query. This does not require any programming skills, and can provide the needed answer right away.

People working for, or wanting to work for, an organization that has one or more databases, have added value if beyond their other job skills, they can also formulate and run SQL database queries. Most questions that an organization might want to ask can be answered with a single well-crafted SQL statement. Learning how to craft such queries makes people more valuable to their organization and thus enhances their career prospects.

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